Who we are?

We are your first stop when having any real estate inquiry on the Miami market. Condoideas Realty Group is a multi-million-dollar company that will help you with any real estate inquiry you may have. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or lease, we are here to help you get the best deal out of it! 

Our most precious asset? The most experienced team of realtors in town. Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French, eager to help you buy or sell your properties in Miami.

We give you every resource to get the home of your dreams. You just have to choose and we will do the rest! You just have to lean back and rest in the whole process. More that 25 years of experience working in the Miami Condo real estate market, will assure that all of your real estate needs are covered. 

Why are we so confident? Because we have experience in one of the best real estate playgrounds in the world! Miami is not only known for its celebrities and mojitos. This city has the highest concentration of international banks in the Country and major corporations have established their headquarters here. 

Condoideas wants you to know more about the real estate market in Miami, that is why we provide you the most comprehensive-updated knowledge available. We give you complete access to the real-time listings for every condo in the city. And we are always finding new ways to keep you informed, that is why we have a Blog dating back to 2011, a monthly newsletter, social media daily news and this innovative Video-Blog.

If you have ever wondered how is the life of a realtor? Well, you need to follow our monthly Vlog. This is just another tool we have implemented to let you get to know us! We will show you our daily life, where are we located, what do we do, everyday tasks, in brief… everything about us!

We are located in the exclusive Yacht Club in South Pointe, Miami Beach! Please feel free to visit us or contact us if you have any question!